About Us

The founding of the GBI in 1997 was laid the corner stone for the first officially registered gay uniform association in Europe. The goal was, and still is, to offer gay men the possibility to enjoy and live out their uniform fetish, together with like-minded comrades, in the wild or in indoor events. The role play “command, obedience and subordination” plays here an integral role. The sexual pleasures do not stand in the foreground but not far away in rear, either. Our (in)famous intimate examination in the beginning of each maneuver takes care of this.

Our association received attention in several media (television, magazines Toy and Box, etc.), and we have been part of CSD Cologne since the beginning.

We distance ourselves outright from gun fanatics and all political extremism. Guns and replicas (softair weapons, too) do not have any place in our events.

If you are interested, come and meet us in our get-togethers or participate in our manouvers. We are always looking for new enthusiastic uniform fetishists to expand our ranks.

If you want to become a member, you can download the membership application here (65 kB PDF file.