Excerpt from the Staff Roster

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GBI Name Franeck
GBI RankCaptain
Age 33 years
Height 183 cm
Weight 67 kg
Hairbrown, short
Gayromeo Profileel-tee
Civil life

During the week I work as a trainer in Eifel, during weekends often in Cologne with my partner.

Hobbies: cooking, survival, offroad.

How and when did you find the GBI?

Since Christmas 2004, with quite a queasy feeling in the stomach… I would never have guessed then that my career would advance so fast, but when one gets involved, everything is possible.

Sex and Fetish Preferences

Do exist

The best experience with the GBI

Sooo many good memories. One which leaps to mind is participation to Diekirch March in year 2007. The last two kilometers we marched wearing GBI t-shirts, there amongst the soldiers. We got praised by few military police for our impeccable boot shining (after I commented on their mud-crusted boots).