Excerpt from the Staff Roster

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GBI Name Rassler
GBI RankSergeant
Age 43 years
Height 187 cm
Weight 87 kg
Hairsalt'n'pepper, usually quite short
Gayromeo Profilewhipman666
Civil life

In civil life I am wearing a uniform of sorts (dark suit with necktie) and travelling worldwide for my company. My work has brought me (once again) to the beautiful Switzerland, and I have now been living some time in a small village at the upper end of Lake Zurich :-) Biking and diving are my other hobbies. I am lucky to have a partner who shares my interests. I have now been together with my better hald for eight years—after meeting him in the GBI!

How and when did you find the GBI?

I encountered the GBI first time in year 2000 or so, and have stayed true to it ever since…

Sex and Fetish Preferences

Like people who know me already know I like it hard (both active and passive). My nickname “Whipman” tells what's it all about. Also the concept of bondage is well in hand... Uniform fetish is self evident (but when then properly according to official guidelines and not mixed like a fruit salad). Leather, rubber, and all that comes with them are my favourites, too…

The best experience with the GBI

During the past seven years there has been so many exciting, adverturous events that it is impossible for me to pick out a specific one. What I have always treasured are the common evenings around camp fire and the cameradarie one can encounter and share. One thing has come clear: when the environmental factors become more prominent (cold, wet, muddy, …) and the “good weather soldiers” have packed their gear early, the “hard core” closes its ranks, weathers it through, and later recalls this maneuver as something really worth remembering.