Excerpt from the Staff Roster

Vorheriger MitgliedNächster Mitglied 

GBI Name Warg
GBI RankMajor
Age 51 years
Height 177 cm
Weight 76 kg
Hairbrown, short
Gayromeo ProfileNRWFotoMann, HuskyE
Civil life

Photographer for erotic photograhic art with a traditional studio in Essen (Wolf in der Beisen). For the fetish fotos (leather, army, rubber, naked) there is a separate room available, with various items e.g. cage, turnable steel wheel, cable winch, spider's web out of chain, operation chair, and a small army room. Various clothing items of leather, uniform, underwear, and sportswear are available, too.

I spent some of my spare time to renovate my old house from year 1898. I am well-versed many fields of workmanship.

I am a calm person, mediatorial when needed, and a good listener.

How and when did you find the GBI?

In the end of year 1997 I reacted to an announcement and met with Henning von Berg in Cologne. We were already then interested in uniforms and outdoor action. Soon afterwards started my rocket-career in the association: In three months I was volunteered as the treasurer, and soon afterwards as the chairman. After few years I gave up that function due to time limitations. I remained responsible for member liaison and support but this, too, is now in other hands. I am still responsible for field of communications: post, generic email and telephone. For over a decade I keep the GBI material depot in Essen. With my man Wendow I host few time per year a GBI get-together in our private premises. A well-equipped play room, places to cuddle, and a sauna are then available.

Sex and Fetish Preferences

Army and leather.

I like it a bit more heavy (BDSM), both active as well as passice. Lately an interest towards wet games has been growing.

The best experience with the GBI

For me it is important that the association is not only planning and executing maneuvers but always comes with new ideas. Be it a rope climbing course, a bicycle or canoo tour, a barbecue evening in some member's garden or Diekirch march in Luxembourg—it's the variation and mix. I don't want to pinpoint any specific experience.

The association has been bringing together uniform fetishits for years. With its help, several friendly and intimate relationships have come to be, also for Wendow and me. What more can one wish for?